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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Business Resolution #1: This Year I Will Back Up My Files

Business Resolution #1: This Year I Will Back Up My Files
Prevent a costly, catastrophic loss today.
Did you take a lot of photos this holiday season? Parties, family dinners, new babies... just a the typical few hundred of December's memories on digital media, right? And that's not counting the ones forwarded to you by friends and family, is it?
Now imagine you turn on your computer one day this Spring and it turns out your trusty hard drive has given up the ghost. How will you recover those irreplaceable files? (Not to mention documents, PDF files, client records, and spreadsheets?)
It's going to happen. Maybe not this year, maybe not the next, but one day, your computer will betray you. When that day comes, will you mourn the time lost setting up your new system, or will you mourn the loss of your entire digital life?
Let 2011 be the year you backup your most important files to what's commonly being called "the cloud." With bandwidth speeds increasing and the cost of online data storage plummeting, there's no reason you have to suffer a catastrophic loss of your most important files when your computer dies.
Storing your files in "the cloud" basically means you upload your important files to an encrypted web server, where you can download them again when your computer crashes.
While it's true you can burn CDs and DVDs for backup, the process is slow and doesn't account for changes in the files. When you use an online service, you can often synchronize versions of files, meaning that the online backup is an accurate reflection of your system on a daily basis.

Below are three good options to explore. Both Mozy and Carbonite offer a free trial membership.





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