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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Housing market data show signs of strength

R I S M E D I A, May 11, 2011—The active housing market data show signs of strength and improvement in the real estate market, despite new lows being reported in the lagging data.The latest market report from Altos Research shows real-time market conditions, with increases in both median prices and inventory in most markets across the United States.
The latest real estate market analysis from Altos Research shows an increase in median prices and housing inventory, and predicts the trend will continue into the summer months. Altos Research tracks the housing market in real-time in order to capture what’s happening right now, versus the traditional method of reporting what happened a few months ago.
 “Sellers are entering the market to take advantage of the larger pool of buyers, and we also have demand being fueled by low interest rates and comparatively low prices.”

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