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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Timing Buying and Selling Your Grass Valley Home

Do I find a new place first, then List my place.?
Do I sell my place first then start looking? Yep, a typical "chicken & egg" question.

Suggestion: List your place 1st while beginning to very seriously look for another place. If you find a new place of your dreams, but have not sold your current place, you can try to purchase the new home contingent on the sale of your existing place. Historically, Sellers have not been all that interested is this type of contract, but the market has changed! A Contingent Offer is often viewed as better than no Offer. If another, non-contingent Offer comes along, you may lose the place, but you at least gave it a shot.

If you have an acceptable Offer on your place, but have not yet found another acceptable place:

* You could try to delay the closing on your current place as far out to the future as possible. This will give you more time to find a replacement.

* The Buyer of your place might be okay with Closing, taking title of your place, and then renting the home back to you for a month or two, while you find another place. Of course, you would be paying the Buyer of your place Rent, usually at market rates, or at least equal to the new Owners' carrying cost of owning the home. But there is a worry about the lender mucking this up.

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