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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Renters Are Willing to Sacrifice

What Renters Are Willing to Sacrifice for a Home

So what are they willing to sacrifice in order to save for purchasing their dream home? The survey finds: 
  • 50 percent would cut back on dining out. 
  • 49 percent would trim their shopping for non-essential items, such as clothing, gadgets, and accessories. 
  • 47 percent would give up luxuries, such as expensive cable packages and trips to the salon. 
  • 39 percent would cut back on vacations.
  • 10 percent would contribute less to their 401(k).
Why are these non-home owners so willing to make such sacrifices now? The survey finds that record-low mortgage rates and appealing home prices are making them want to act faster toward home ownership. 
“For those who are currently renting, purchasing a home is especially attractive right now,” says Gary TIppner. "In fact, home affordability reached a new all-time high for the first quarter of 2012.”

Gary Tippner is Short Sale and Foreclosure Resource Certified and a Relocation Specialist

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